A Brief Story Of Distance Jewelry

"Why We Call Distance"

Distance was founded by Ivan. He realized that distance does not have to weaken the bond between people who care about each other after moving away from his hometown. He wanted to create a brand that would help people feel closer together, regardless of the distance between them. That's how the idea of Distance, a faith-based jewelry brand, was born.

“Our Mission”

Distance mission is to become the preferred brand of faith jewelry in the world, bringing the "distance" between people closer through meaningful jewelry. Ivan, the founder of Distance, believes that distance will never separate two hearts that really care, because our memories span thousands of miles and arrive in seconds. He believes that jewelry can be more than just a beautiful accessory - it can be a meaningful way to express one's faith and connect with others who share that faith.

“Our Design Inspirations”

The jewelry designs of Distance are inspired by biblical content, and the pieces are simple yet stylish, perfect for layering. However, what sets Distance apart from other jewelry brands is its focus on personalization. Customers can customize classic scripture jewelry, making each piece unique and meaningful to them.

At Distance, the team designs with purpose, praying that each piece inspires, encourages, and expresses what is most important. The brand caters to those who seek products that are not only beautiful but also meaningful. Distance jewelry is a reminder of the unbreakable bond between people who care about each other, regardless of distance.

In short, Distance is a brand that believes distance will never separate two hearts that truly care. With its unique and personalized faith-based jewelry designs, Distance is helping people feel closer together and expressing what is most important.

“Our Principles”

Of course, in the whole process of design, production and packaging, Distance always adheres to our corporate principles and always adhere to the concept of environmental protection, producing silver jewelry that is higher than the testing standards of authoritative certification agencies at home and abroad; while fully displaying the meaning of the work, Use dissolvable materials to make packaging Bible boxes that can be recycled. While the brand is developing, it also aims to raise the ethical standards of the jewelry industry.